It’s Official..1Journo is online!

It is with an assortment of mixed feelings, that I am happy to start what will be first post in my new home, 1Journo

Without getting into too long of an explanation of the name ( to which I will reserve for future posts down the road.)  1Journo a free voice dedicated to providing articles, info, resources, tools, tips, podcasts, videos, and editorials on an assortment of various subject matter important (or at worse case of interest) to me and the 1Journo‘s amazing audience.

I’m also happy to announce the following syndication of Richy Riches and 1Journo‘s posts by the following sites:


Obsidian Financial Services

Obsidian Mortgage Corporation

7-11-15 Mortgage Investment Corporation.



Wealth’s Riches

It is our hope that we reach an even broader base of supportive readers, followers, subscribers and syndication partners, as we delve into more topic matter and discuss more things of mutual importance. I would like to also encourage all of you engage us by commenting on articles and giving us your feedback, and topic suggestions by emailing us or contacting us directly.

As an unprecedented 2020 winds down, we look forward to 2021 and all the wonderful subject matter it will bring, and I would like to take this time to wish all our audience a happy and prosperous year ahead.

Best Regards,

Richy Riches