Canadian Real Estate Highlights – Year End 2020

Hello Everyone, my name is Richy Riches and I wanted to welcome you to the debut of our 1Journo podcast episode

Rather than give a 30–45-minute podcast as our first podcast, I have decided to split up the topics so that everyone can get what they want from our Year End 2020 Highlights without the added baggage of listening or fast forwarding through to get your highlights of interest.

This episode is entitled Canadian Real Estate Highlights – Year End 2020 and quickly summarizes the state of Canadian Real Estate during 2020, providing outlooks, predictions, and information affecting residential real estate values heading into 2021.

Further parts of this series will be posted in the upcoming days and weeks, so stay tuned, and if you have any suggestions feel free to send me a line via the website contact page at

Best regards,

Richy Riches